Monday, June 1, 2009

Bellingham company making strides with solar energy


Innovation is a quick way of getting an economy back on its feet, and a Bellingham company seems to be doing its part in Arizona.

A couple of weeks ago Alpha Technologies president Drew Zogby gave a presentation at a Technology Alliance Group of Northwest Washington monthly meeting. He focused his talk on Alpha Energy, which has been busy installing solar power projects in Arizona. Several of the company's projects include parking structures, as the company has been able to show how those structures can become a profit center for cities and businesses that build them.

Zogby showed pictures of some the parking structures, and it immediately became clear how his company's equipment would be helpful for the owner over the long term. In one project, the equipment was installed on the top of the structure, which is a good use of space because no one would even consider parking a car on the roof most of the year, baking in the Arizona sun.

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