REDLANDS - If going green means saving money, then Redlands residents seem to be interested.

Many Redlanders turned out Wednesday to a Homeowner Solar Installation Seminar hosted by Southern California Edison.

"This turnout is unbelievable. You are breaking a record for a city of this size," said Edison representative Javier Burgos.

The more than 200 attendees can thank Mayor Jon Harrison for ensuring the seminar came to Redlands.

"He is the first mayor ever to approach me," said Edison public affairs representative Beverly Powell. "This information session was in the planning stages to go to another city and he wrestled it away."

Harrison is a member of the Climate Action Task Force, a green-visioning group. Already Redlands has more than one megawatt of solar installed. Nearly 800 kW were installed in 63 installations through the end of 2008. In 2009, the city broke the one megawatt mark with the installation of 533 kW on the headquarters of ESRI.

"We're already on our way," Harrison said.

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